"Emotions Sublimées" by Ania Guillaume

Guided tour / Outing / Trip


Discover the new exhibition by our Member Ania Guillaume, featuring sculptures and Wearable Art, on a private tour. The artist will share with you the emotions she has experienced and sublimated throughout some of the most impactful moments of her life, reflecting her deep respect and admiration for nature.

The magic of the night in the Atacama desert, where all you have to do is reach out and touch the thousands of stars. Another night on the Côte d'Azur, where Elon Musk's procession of satellites crosses the sky. The bark of pine trees, the enchanted branches of olive trees, the leaf of a ginkgo, the petal of a flower. The waves, the sea, the blue so precious on Earth. The mirror at the end of the labyrinth that reflects our own thoughts.

... are just some of the inspirations behind the objects presented by our Member in this captivating exhibition. We warmly invite you to come and discover it with us !






Friday, December 1st

Salle AIAP - Quai Antoine 1er

Members only | Offered
Limited places