Wine Tasting



Une Terre un Vin is the story of a family passionate about wine and will make you discover "nuggets". Confidential domains, author's wines, we could say wines of artists, un Terre un Vin travels the terroirs and trade shows in search of beautiful and good wines.

A Terre un Vin does not offer wines that you will find in large distribution channels, but wines from small farms, passionate winemakers, committed to expressing the best of their terroir. These wines are often organic, biodynamic or in reasoned agriculture, because the vine growers in search of requirement have very often made this choice already.

Much better than "feminine" wines, une Terre un Vin offers you the chance to discover the wines of women winegrowers who are already among the greatest of their regions!

Come and try these exceptional wines at the CREM clubhouse on Tuesday 29th of October.


October, 29th 2019
7:00 PM
CREM Clubhouse
Admission fees : €55 - for members – €80 - for non-members