Visit to the Exotic Garden Greenhouse

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Situated in the North-West of Monaco, the Jardin Exotique overlooks the Principality. The greenhouses, located next to the exotic garden, contain a beautiful heritage of cacti and succulents from all over the world on a cliffside over the gorgeous coastline.  

Initially, the botanical centre of Monaco was built next to the entrance of the exotic garden facing  Cap d’Ail. However, the structure has been relocated in 2017 to a new conservatory with view on the garden it is connected to. The new botanical centre of the exotic garden is designed by Fabrice Notari and Rudy Ricciotti and is organised into three different levels.  A total of 10,500 plants - 500 in vats and 10,000 in pots - were transferred to the new greenhouses.

This exotic sanctuary has recently opened up to the public, we are very curious to see this so let's go and have a look together!


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September 27th, 2019
3 PM
Jardin Exotique